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Release time: 2018-01-09 18:55:50   Source: People's Daily   Editor in charge:

People have retired, and party members cannot be retreated

Ronghua Community in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province,There is such a group of elderly people,They are in the name of party member volunteers,For the people in the community difficulties、Vulnerable groups,All kinds of volunteer services are carried out throughout the year,For more than 20 years, he has insisted on transmitting light Sky bet online sports betting APP download and heat to the community.,Certainly referred to by the community people as "Mother of the Party Member"。

Ronghua Community Party Member Mother Volunteer Service Team was established in 1996,At that time, it was a national -owned enterprise restructuring nationwide,A large number of laid -off workers and unemployed persons appear。The family members of the family under the jurisdiction of some units are unmanned,Public security chaos。Just then,The old party member Zhou Shizhi, the director of the Ronghua Community Neighborhood Sky bet football Committee, proposed to establish an obligation service team,Help the masses solve difficulties。

"People are retired,Party members cannot retreat;,The obligation to serve the people cannot be retreated! "These loud words have become the actions that all party members and mother have always adhered to for more than 20 years。

Many elderly retired employees live in the Ronghua community,and mostly empty nest elderly,Lu Yiyong is one of them。Due to the blind eyes,Incorrect action,plus no one to look at it around,His daily life is very Sky bet online sports betting APP download difficult。After the party member's mother volunteer service team learned about Lu Yiyong's situation,Take turns help: buy food and cook、Cooking housework、Cooking housework,Taking care of his life is organized。Now,Lu Yiyong also voluntarily joined the service team,Massage and treat patients for patients,Give play to the length of skills。For more than 20 years,The old mother of the party members helped more than 30 lonely old people like Lu Yiyong。

Except for the lonely old man,Poor students in the community、sky bet online sports betting Left -behind children、Foreign migrant children are the help objects for old mothers。They often buy daily necessities for children with difficult life、Sliming clothes and bedding,From time to time, take care of children's basic life。Facing learning for economic difficulties、Children who look down on the onset,Mothers of the party members have taken the initiative to donate money and donate,Running around,Call for donations from all walks of life。

Over the years,Party members and Mom ’s Volunteer Service Team sky bet online casino have always been" the people have to ask for,I respond; the people are difficult,I have some help "as a job criterion。For the actual needs of the community and the vital needs of the masses,They have formed the voluntary patrol team、Literary Team、Assist the neighborhood committee、Sewing team and other characteristic teams,Assist the neighborhood committee、Police carried out various work。

A batch of party members vanguard for the party members of the party members,It also makes the relevant departments realize that sky bet online casino the importance of giving full play to the role of the vanguard of outstanding party members in community construction。In recent years,Zhengzhou City has gradually explored the new model of "community party building+volunteer service"。

Modao Sangyu Evening,The most beautiful sunset red。Party members and mother volunteer service teams who have traveled over the past 20 years,Build the harmonious and peacefulness of the community with dedication,Use the hunting red and beautiful hunting of the party flag。They are like dazzling Sky bet sports betting APP sunset,Not only illuminating the community building,It also warmed people’s heart field。