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Release time: 2014-06-05   Source: Creation Department Party Branch

Henan Province & ldquo; neighborhood watch & rdquo; Community volunteer service activities implementation plan

Henan Province Civilization Office

(May 2014)

        To vigorously promote the excellent traditional virtue of China,Promoting the normalization of volunteer services,Cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism,According to the work deployment of the Central Civilization Commission and the Provincial Civilization Commission,Provincial Civilization Office Decision,Extensively carried out & ldquo; neighboring & rdquo; community volunteer service activities。The specific scheme is as follows:

        1. Activity theme

        The theme of the neighbors & rdquo;,Elderly nest、Left -behind children、Difficulty groups such as migrant workers and disabled people are assisted objects,Start with care、Do it from your side、Start from you and me、Start from daily,Extensive development of & ldquo; neighborhood relatives in urban and rural communities、neighborhood gang、Neighborhood、Neighborhood、neighborhood & rdquo; sky bet online casino Various forms of volunteer service activities,Build a neighborhood mutual help、mutual assistance、mutual trust、Platform of mutual love,Promoting & ldquo; neighboring & rdquo; Community volunteer service institutionalization,Create & ldquo; I am everyone、Everyone's good social fashion for me & rdquo;。

        2. Event content

        1、Carrying out the old man in the nest & ldquo;。Vigorously promote the traditional virtue of & ldquo; old and old & rdquo;,Organization volunteers and empty nest elderly & ldquo; one -on -one & rdquo;、& ldquo; Meskeeping one & rdquo; pairing assistance,Carry out housekeeping services、Life care、Psychological comfort and other volunteer services; organize the community elderly volunteers to carry out the elderly for the elderly to help the elderly help each other,Introduction of caring enterprises and social mechanisms to provide dietary service for the elderly in the community、Daily care and other services,Use the community venue to provide cultural services to the elderly,Help the elderly and elderly people in the community spend a happy old age。

        2、Carry out careless left -behind children、Migrant workers and disabled people such Sky bet football as difficult people & ldquo; neighborhood gang & rdquo; volunteer service activities。Relying on community service stations,Organize the children of migrant workers and left -behind children to carry out & ldquo; 4:30 class & rdquo;、Volunteer service activities for winter and summer,Provide skill training for migrant workers、Legal Consultation、Cultural Service、Volunteer services such as quality improvement,Provide rehabilitation medical treatment for people in the community、Employment Guidance、Rights Maintenance、Volunteer services such as home care,Formation of helping the crisis and help、Community neighborhood relationships with mutual assistance。

        3、Carry out the joint construction of a civilized and harmonious community & ldquo; neighborhood and & rdquo; volunteer service activities。Organize community volunteers around the resolution of family contradictions、Neighborhood contradictions、Contradictions from the owner and the community,Popularized civilized etiquette,Promote family virtue,Maintenance of public morality,Cultivation of personal morals,Carry out a community volunteer sky bet online casino service activity of co -construction of civilization and harmonious community,Work together to create an excellent order of the community,Promoting community families and beauty、Neighborhood harmony、Community harmony。

        4、Carry out the construction of a beautiful home & ldquo; neighborhood & rdquo; volunteer service activity。Organize community volunteers to carry out public security inspections,Planting flowers and trees,Rectify the dead corner of sanitation,Promoting environmental protection knowledge,Promote the diligence festival,Create clean and neat、Green and beautifying community environment。

        5、Carry out enrichment of community cultural life & ldquo; neighborhood & rdquo; volunteer service activities。Organize community cultural volunteers,Extensive Literary Performance、Folk Folk Customs、All people's reading and sports fitness activities,By a cultural person、Education and Lele,Active cultural life,Herchi neighborhood relationship,Add neighborhood family relationship,Improve the quality of civilization,Forms a healthy upward、Its happy community cultural atmosphere。

        3, work focus

        Focus on six tasks:

        1、Sky bet sports betting APP Sending volunteer service initiative。To the community residents、Social Enterprise、Social Organization issued the initiative of the community volunteer service activity in the neighborhood watch & rdquo;,Mobilize all sectors of society to act quickly、Actively participate。Various volunteer service activities through development,Let the empty nest elderly get the care of children,Let the migrant workers get a friend -like care,Let left -behind children get parents -like care,Let the disabled people get love for love。

        2、Distribution volunteer service & ldquo; love contact card & rdquo;。Adhere to demand -oriented,For the community volunteer、Aid objects distribute & ldquo; love contact card & rdquo;,Collection information、Design project,Real demand docking,Provide personalized services。

        3、Organization & ldquo; pairing assistance & rdquo;。Guide the Party (League) member volunteer service team、Social Enterprise、Social Organization、Volunteers and Care Objects formed & ldquo; One help & rdquo;,Regularly carry out volunteer service activities such as warmth and love for love,Solve the problem for the people in the difficulties。

        4、Establish a community volunteer service station。Vigorously promote & ldquo; Civilized messenger & rdquo; Volunteer service station construction,Cultivate a group of outstanding communities & ldquo; Civilized messenger & rdquo; volunteer service station,Strengthen daily management at the same time,Normalization of activities,Giving full play to。

        5、Establishing Volunteer Service Demonstration Point。Focus on establishing a batch of party (league) member volunteer service demonstration sites,Give play to the demonstration of the party (league) members,At the same time, vigorously publicize the advanced deeds of the outstanding volunteer service individual and team,Continuously strengthen the community volunteer service team。

        6、Promoting the institutionalization of community volunteers。Establish and improve volunteer recruitment registration、Training Management、Service Record、Incentive and other systems,Improve relevant policies and legal guarantees。Establish a community volunteer service information platform as soon as possible,Meeting the needs of more volunteers to carry out volunteer service activities。

        4. Work requirements

        1、Effectively strengthen organizational leadership。To integrate & ldquo; neighbors & rdquo; community volunteer service activities into urban and rural community governance,As an important content for creating a civilized community,Strengthen coordination guidance and institutional design,Promoting the constant institutional development of community volunteer services。

        2、Highlight ideological and moral connotation。We must integrate and practice the core values ​​of socialism into & ldquo; neighborhood watch & rdquo; the entire process of community volunteer service activities and all aspects,Vigorously promote the traditional Chinese virtue,Effectively strengthen citizen's moral construction,Guide people in the practice of participating in volunteer services,Deepen the understanding and identification of the core values ​​of socialism,Become people’s spiritual pursuit and conscious action。

        3、Attract the masses to actively participate。Based on the masses to participate、Points and participation,Carefully designing ground gas project,Extensive activities to follow public opinion,Stimulate the enthusiasm for participation in community sky bet online sports betting residents,Constantly expand the coverage of activities,Promoting community volunteer service activities will be implemented、Get results。

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