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Release time: 2014-06-11   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

        For the solid promotion of the creation of civilized counties in the country,Further improve the construction of voluntary service,Promoting Civilized Creation Activities Sky bet football Steady and Effective Development,May 29,New County Civilization Office organizes civilized units at all levels、Volunteer Service Station (point) and the backbone of the spiritual civilization construction business of related units nearly 80 people,Hold the county's volunteer service and civilized construction work meeting in the conference room of the County Finance Bureau。

        will be on,The comrade of the county sky bet online casino civilization office first briefly notified the implementation of the county's volunteer service study in Huangchuan,affirmed that the units went to Huangchuan to study,Quick Action,Actively improve the construction of voluntary service,Standardized file management,Carry out volunteer activities solidly,Get better results,and a unified deployment of the county's volunteer service management in sky bet online sports betting the county,Recruitment of volunteers、System Construction、clothing team flag、Examination of activities, etc. as unified regulations,Require civilized units at all levels、Window Industry、Street communities, etc., should improve the construction of voluntary service in the shortest time,Civilized traffic、Civilized dining table、Ask the road、Volunteer service activities such sky bet online casino as Caring for help,Make a due contribution to creating a national civilized county town。
        Subsequent,Comrade Civilization Office notified the initial inspection of the newly declared creation unit this year,pointed out that the main leaders of most units can fully understand the importance of spiritual civilization construction,Frequently listen to the creation work report,Help sky bet online sports betting solve practical problems,Pay attention to the activity development,Strengthen the atmosphere creation,Guide all members to participate,Get a good effect。At the same time, it also points out the problems in the inspection,Construction from the moral lecture、Socialist core values ​​education、Speaking of Civilization Tree Frozen Public Welfare Advertising Publicity、The evaluation Sky bet online sports betting APP download system of civilized units and other aspects of how to carry out the next step of each unit to conduct further counseling。
       After the meeting,Participants have said that this meeting is simple and pragmatic,Key prominent,Direction of volunteer services and civilization creation for each unit,Provided basis,After returning, you must take it seriously according to the requirements of the meeting。

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