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Release time: 2014-06-11   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

        Qinglian first opened、粽 leaves fluttering,In the Dragon Boat Festival、On the occasion of Children's Day,Xinyang has widely Sky bet online sports betting APP download carried out care for lonely old people、Caring for left -behind children's volunteer service assistance activities,Further inherited the fine tradition of the Chinese nation,Promoted & ldquo; Dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progress & rdquo; Volunteer Service Spirit,Provides guarantee for the centered and practicing Sky bet football socialist core values ​​in our city。

        Light and shadow mottled quiet campus,Colorful holiday gifts,Children's innocent smile,Such a lively and vivid scene is performed in Pan Ye Primary School, Yanhe Township, Guangshan County。May 23,& ldquo; Kiss Mountains near the water & mdash;,Come to Pan Ye Elementary School to visit the left -behind Sky bet football children here with a strong love。These children are separated from their parents for a long time,Lack of the love of parents and dads,The arrival of the uncle and aunt brings a little tenderness and touch to the children's minds。The group friends brought the school supplies that the children needed,Bring a toy、Food,It also brought this long -lost Sky bet football laughter in Mountain Village,Children and uncle and aunts laugh、Non,Their heart is filled with joy and happiness。
        & ldquo; I usually like to listen to play,Sometimes I can hum in two sentences。Today they are so good for their opera volunteers,People are professional,I really like to listen to the selection paragraph of "Unlucky Uncle's Marriage"Sky bet football 。& rdquo; The 68 -year -old Mrs. Liu, a 68 -year -old in Chashan, Xinyang, said happily。May 25,More than 30 volunteers of the Xinyang Public Welfare Volunteer Federation came to the nursing home in Chashan Township, Pingqiao District,They sent fruit to the old people、milk and rice oil and other condolences,Wrap Zongzi with the old people,Talking Sky bet online sports betting APP download home often,Accompanied by the old people spent the unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival in advance。
        These scenarios are just our city against lonely old people、A & ldquo; silhouette & rdquo;,Good and beautiful Xinyang people are acting with actual action,Passing to good、The upward social positive energy,Show the charm and connotation sky bet online casino of Xinyang, the city of Civilization & rdquo;。

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