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Release time: 2014-04-17   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China


Yu Civilization [2014] No. 5
         Provincial cities、Provincial Direct Management County (City) Civilization Committee,Provincial Civilization Committee,Member units of the Provincial Civilization Committee:
         In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee,Establish a sound volunteer service system,Further strengthen the volunteer team,Improve the social volunteer service system,Promote the constantization of voluntary service activities,According to the Central Civilization Commission's "Opinions on Promoting the Institutionalization of Volunteer Service" (Civilization Committee [2014] No. 3),Combined with the actual situation of our province,Put the following implementation opinions。
         a,   The significance of the institutionalization of volunteer service institutionalization and guidance thought
         1、Fully understand the significance of promoting the institutionalization of voluntary service。Volunteer service,It is an effective way to innovate social governance,It is a powerful grasp of cultivating and practicing the core values ​​of socialism,It is the vivid practice of vigorously promoting the construction of civilized Henan。In recent years,Volunteers in the province surround the help of the crisis and help the poor、Emergency rescue、Large -scale event, etc.,Various volunteer service activities for extensive forms,Volunteer spirit is getting deeply rooted in people's hearts,The volunteer team is continuously developing and growing,Construction of voluntary service positions continuously strengthened,The boom of volunteer service flourish at the grassroots level of urban and rural areas。But as a whole,Volunteer services in our province are still in the beginning,Existing activities are not often carried out、Insufficient system and mechanism、Insufficient service and effectiveness of service。Solve these problems,The key is to improve the volunteer service system。Promoting the institutionalization of volunteer service,For further encouragement and standardized volunteer service activities,Promote the sustainable and healthy development of volunteer services; for further strengthening socialist ideological and moral construction,Formed me as everyone、Everyone is Sky bet football my social atmosphere; for better condensing people's hearts、Gathering forces,Accelerate the rise of the Central Plains、Henan revitalization、The goal of struggle for rich people and strong provinces,It has very important significance。
         2、Guiding ideas for promoting the institutionalization of voluntary service。In -depth implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee,Performing the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's series of speeches,Implement the major decision -making deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,With the construction of civilized Henan as the lead,To form a civilized person、Civilized things & rdquo; Social fashion as the goal,Vigorously promote & ldquo; dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progress & rdquo; Volunteer Spirit,Establish and improve the long -term working mechanism and activity operation mechanism,Promote the normalization of volunteer service institutionalization,Promoting voluntary service activities Wide and long -lasting and deepened,Improve the ideological and moral quality of the whole society,Efforts to form a good social fashion and harmonious interpersonal relationship。
        2. Strengthen the construction of the volunteer service system
        3、Standardize volunteer recruitment registration system。We must persist in demand -oriented,According to the actual needs of the masses,from the urban and rural community、Volunteer Service Organization、Public Welfare Charity Organization、Social service agency, etc.,Published volunteer recruitment information in time,According to standards and conditions,Absorb citizens participating in volunteer service activities。Relying on the volunteer service registration platform of various provinces and municipalities,Build the province's volunteer service information platform,Register to register for the crowd with willing。Encourage real -name registration,Summary of the long -service duration of volunteers and the transfer of volunteer service data in different places。Encourage units to register in the community where they are located,Carry out volunteer service activities。
        4、Establishing volunteer training management system。Urban and rural community、Volunteer Service Organization、Public Welfare Charity Organization、Social service agency, etc.,The principle of adhering to the equality of training and service,According Sky bet sports betting APP to voluntary service requirements items,Formulate Annual Training Plan,By concentrated counseling、Symposium and exchange、Case analysis and other methods,Carry out volunteer service cultural training and civilized traffic guidance、Rescue and Rescue、Psychological counseling、Training of related knowledge such as etiquette and other related knowledge,Constantly improving the service ability and service level of volunteers。Strengthening community volunteer service management,Mainly adopt & ldquo; Social workers with volunteers & rdquo; activities,Organizer volunteers carry out volunteer services under the leadership and arrangement of social workers。
        5、Standardized Volunteer Service Record System。To persist in time、Full、Accurate、Safety Principles,from the urban and rural community、Volunteer Service Organization、Public Welfare Charity Organization、Social service agency, etc.,Recording information of volunteers participating in volunteer services with paper and electronic data (including the personal basic information of the volunteer、Volunteer service information、Training information、Commending the reward information、Complaint information, etc.)。Arrange special personnel to confirm the volunteer service records、Entry、Storage、Update and protection,and accept the supervision and management of volunteer service records by the registration management authority or business authority。Volunteers need to query my volunteer service records or because of further studies、enlisted、Employment and other reasons need to issue a certificate of participation in volunteer service,Volunteer Service Organization、Public Welfare Charity Organization and Social Service Institutions shall provide timely and truthfully。
        6、Improve the volunteer service incentive system。To establish a volunteer service star identification system、Family and feedback system。Refer to the standards of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the duration of volunteer service records and star assessment,The corresponding star recognition of the volunteer。Commendation of outstanding volunteers、praise and reward,Given the honorary title。Encourage relevant units to enroll in enrollment、At the time of recruitment,Under the same conditions, priority admission、Recruitment、Volunteer who hires a good volunteer service record,and as an important condition for evaluating the excellence。Encourage Museum、Public Library、Stadium and other public cultural and sports facilities and venues,Volunteers who have good volunteer service records free or discount。Encourage the medical and health departments to give preferential or Sky bet online sports betting APP download preferential treatment to volunteers who have good volunteer service records。Relevant departments from all over the world should study and formulate voluntary service incentives and reward measures。Feedback should be moderate,Fully reflect volunteer service voluntary、Free、The characteristics of altruism,Can't achieve equivalent exchange。
        7、Improve policy and legal guarantee。Relevant departments must formulate specific policies and measures,Incorporate the requirements of volunteer services into various economies、Social policy,Reflected to the Citizen Convention、Village Regulations Copy、Student Code、Industry specifications,Actions that advocate and encourage volunteer services,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the volunteer,Form a social atmosphere that advocates volunteer services。We must incorporate voluntary service activities into a civilized city、Civilized Village、Creation of civilized units,As an important indicator of the assessment。It is necessary to study and formulate the management measures for students' volunteer service,Encourage students in schools to participate in volunteer services,Can convert college student volunteer service activities into social practice credits。According to the needs of volunteer service activities,Buy necessary insurance for volunteers、Provide basic guarantees。Accelerate the construction of relevant local regulations in the province's volunteer service organization。
        3, strengthen the construction of volunteer service teams
        8、Establish and improve the volunteer service team of party (regiment) members。Give full play to the role of the majority of party (league) cadres in voluntary service activities,Give full play to personal superiority,Take the lead in participating in the activity,Take the lead in serving the masses,Take the lead in promoting positive qi,Volunteer service activities by participating in volunteer service,Further establish the concept of the masses,Cultivate the purpose of the purpose,Close the relationship between the party and the mass group;,Cultivation of personal character、Improve the realm of thought、Rich life experience; in doing more practical things for the masses,Tree image、Converted wind、Bring folk style,Promoting social harmony,Promoting scientific development。
        9、Improve the volunteer service team of civilized units。Relying on various civilized units at all levels,Construction of Volunteer Service Teams in layers。Give full play to the advantages of the department,Highlight the window industry,Establish various volunteer service Sky bet sports betting APP organizations,Responsible for planning the annual volunteer service activities of the unit,Organize the registration of volunteers in the unit、Management and activity records,Carry out activities for employees for the unit、Dedication of love to build a platform。Build a volunteer service team of civilized units,Ideological and moral construction with employees of the unit、Organization Culture Construction、Corporate culture construction、Campus culture construction, etc.,Volunteer service activities,Constantly improving the quality of the civilization and the image of the unit of the unit。
        10、Establish a community volunteer service team。Organize the veteran party member of the community、Old cadres、Old teacher、Old Warrior、Old model et al. & Ldquo; Five Old & RDQUO; Personnel and property service enterprises,Establish a community volunteer service team。Clarifying the dedicated part -time volunteer service manager,Responsible for the management of community voluntary services。Give full play to the main role of community residents,Cultivate a group of community volunteer service enthusiastic people and backbone forces,Separate help、support teaching、Housekeeper、Literature、Calligraphy and other volunteer service teams。Topic & rdquo;,Elderly people with empty nest、Disabled people、Children of migrant workers are the key service objects,Extensive community housekeeping、Psychological Discovery、Medical Care、Legal assistance and other volunteer service activities。Encourage the signing of a number of literary experts、Cultural celebrities, etc. are & ldquo; Civilized messenger & rdquo;,In -depth community volunteer service stations to carry out literary and cultural service activities。Deepen the Red Cross Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Entering the Community。
        11、Establish a batch of cultural and literary volunteer service teams。For the purpose of serving grassroots people,Relying on Huimin Project、Memorial Day of Important Festival,Use a variety of cultural and artistic forms,Mobilize the power of all parties in the society,Carry out various forms of cultural volunteer service activities,Rich grassroots public cultural products and service supply。solidly advance & ldquo; Double hundred artists take the grassroots、Enter the community、Campus & rdquo; Activity,Deepen the campus through literary and art volunteers、Community、Enterprise、Village and Town, etc.,Performing arts support、Literary Training、Literary performances and other activities,Active sky bet online casino urban and rural grass -roots cultural life,Meet the spiritual and cultural needs of many aspects of the community。
        12、Improve Youth、Scarlet、Help、Red Cross and other volunteer service teams。Give full play to the Youth League Committee、Women's Federation、Disableda、Advantages of group organizations such as Red Cross,Make the volunteer service in the crowds of their respective contacts,Growing strength,Deepening activity,Consolidate brand,There are more and more impacts。
        13、Vigorously develop various volunteer service organizations。Pay attention to the role of various types of civil organizations, especially charitable institutions and non -profit social groups,Promote cooperation and exchange between volunteer service organizations。Organizations such as volunteer service associations and federations at all levels,Integrate the scattered volunteer service forces。Encourage and guide public welfare charity、Urban and rural community service social organizations to the community to carry out volunteer services。
        4. Strengthen the organization of the institutionalization of voluntary service
        14、Strengthen the leadership of volunteer service organizations。Party committees and governments at all levels must integrate volunteer services into urban and rural communities,As an important task for strengthening the construction of spiritual civilization,Put on the agenda,Her grasp。Civilization Committee at all levels should strengthen the overall plan、Coordinated guidance、Supervise inspection。Be sure to improve the work organization,Equipped full -time personnel,Special funding,Effective advancement of ensuring voluntary service、Continuous development。Under the leadership of the Civilization Committee at all levels,Established by the Civilization Office led,Civil Affairs、Culture、Health、Trade Union、League Committee、Women's Federation、Literary Federation、Disableda、Science and Technology Association、Red Cross and other volunteer service activity leaders coordinating group。The Civilization Office must play a good leading role,Strengthen communication with various aspects,Do a good job of organizing and coordinating work,Promote the development of voluntary service institutionalization。Relevant departments must give play to their own advantages,Develop relevant policy measures,Responsibility,Pocket cooperation,Form a good situation that jointly promote the institutionalization of volunteer services。
        15、Create a strong atmosphere of volunteer service。To vigorously promote the traditional Chinese virtue,Gives the Sky bet sports betting APP deep traditional cultural connotation of volunteer services。The main channel role of the mainstream value of the news media to spread the social media,Give full play to the important functions of spiritual cultural products to educate people,Advertising with public welfare、News report、film and television creation、Lecture Forum、Mobile Newspaper and other forms,Actively create a cultural environment that is conducive to volunteer services。To conduct a lecture competition through the organization、Essay、Seminar、Symposium and other activities,Vigorously promote & ldquo; dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progress & rdquo; Volunteer Spirit,Widely popularized serving others、Volunteer service concept of dedication to society,Cultivate the volunteer service culture of the whole society,Make moral、Respect moral、Deepening morality becomes a basic lifestyle。
        16、Strengthen & ldquo; Civilized messenger & rdquo; Volunteer service station construction。& ldquo; Civilized messenger & rdquo; Volunteer service station is the institutionalization of volunteer service、Important platform for normalization,We must further increase construction intensity。To the station、Square、Hospital、Garden、Tourist attractions and other crowd -intensive public places and window units,Generally established & ldquo; civilized messenger & rdquo; volunteer service station (point)。For the ambassador & rdquo; volunteer service station,To strengthen management,Improve operation mechanism,Giving full play to。At the same time,It is necessary to follow the unified logo、There is a service item、There is a volunteer team、There is a management system、There is a job ledger、There is a service item,The implementation of the volunteer service activities & ldquo; six have one implementation & rdquo;,Comprehensively advance & ldquo; Civilized Messenger & RDQUO; Volunteer Service Station,Achieve full coverage。
        17、Increase investment in voluntary service activities。To adopt government input、Social donation、Federation (Association) raised funds and other ways,Strengthen the construction of volunteer service positions,Do a good job of training of various volunteer service teams at all levels; adopt the government to purchase public welfare positions and other forms,Promote community volunteer service activities someone to dock、Someone manages、Someone records。Project management of volunteer service activities,Increase cultivation guidance and support,Guarantee of various volunteer services activities normal。
        Relevant units in various places must be based on the spirit of this opinion,Combined with actual,Formulate implementation plans and specific measures for implementation。
 The Guidance Committee sky bet online sports betting of Psychiatric Civilization Construction of Henan Province
                          April 17, 2014 


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