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Release time: 2014-05-23   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

        May 20,Kaifeng Youth Volunteer helps the disability & ldquo; Sunshine Action & RDQUO; Start。This operation will pass 4 to 5 years,Make & ldquo; Sunshine Action & RDQUO; Fully covered with righteousness sky bet online sports betting as a disabled young hero、Urban disabled youth,Disabled youth in rural areas,and realize normalization、Long -term operation,Become a service real、sustainable、Impact Guang、Brand project with a large role。
        Kaifeng Young Volunteer helps the disability & ldquo; Sunshine Action & RDQUO;,Disabled youth、Seeing righteousness is the young hero of the disabled as the main object,and try to help other Sky bet sports betting APP disabled people and their families,will be extensively mobilized by the Communist Youth League at all levels、Disabled、Young volunteer organization and the majority of volunteers,Relying on the rehabilitation institution、Care Agency、Employment Training Base、Poverty Alleviation Base、Special Education School、Help Station (point)、Social Organization and Disabled Family,Focus on daily Sky bet sports betting APP care、employment support、support education aid、Sports Activity、Love donation 5 to carry out volunteer help work。
        2014 for the full start -up stage,It will be widely carried out in pairs of disabled teenagers,At the end of 2014, the pairing rate of the disabled young heroes reached 100 %,Urban disabled adolescent pairing rate is more than 50 %。From 2015 to 2016 to the in -depth promotion stage,Sky bet sports betting APP 2017 and later to consolidate and improve the stage。
        It is reported,Current,There are 288,000 disabled people in our city,involved more than 1.15 million families,The city has established various types of disabled volunteer liaison stations based on the organization of the disabled at the grassroots level (point),Register to help disabled volunteers developed to 16,000 people,160,000 people with disabilities,sky bet online casino Volunteer and disabled work organization network covering urban and rural areas is basically formed。To promote work,Our city will establish a volunteer team of about 1,000 people in large middle schools、A functional unit volunteer team of about 1,000 people、A team of social love volunteers of about 1,000 people,and according to the determined unit (determine the care and assisting unit)、Determine sky bet online casino time (1 monthly pairing service)、Determine the location (directly to the home of the disabled)、Determine responsibility (implementation long -term tracking service)、Determine reward and punishment (clearly assessment of rewards and punishment methods) 5 Determined working principles,Different difficulties in combining with different disabled young people of young people actively carry out targeted volunteer sky bet online sports betting assistance activities。

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