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Release time: 2014-05-28   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

        In order to guide the majority of cadres and employees to inherit the spirit of Lei Feng,attracts the masses to participate in moral practice and social service work。Recent,The Qinyang Civilization Office of Jiaozuo City held & ldquo; Smile Sky bet sports betting APP Reading House & RDQUO; Volunteer Sky bet online sports betting APP download Service Activities Launch Ceremony。Executive Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of Qinyang Municipal Party Committee、Director of the Municipal Civilization Office、Executive Vice President of the City Volunteer Association Wang Jingxia,Deputy Director of the Civilization Office Li Chaoxia,More than 80 volunteers from Qinyang Industry and Commerce Bureau participated in the launching ceremony,This marks Qinyang City for the society,officially launched & ldquo; Smile Reading House & RDQUO; Volunteer Service Project。
        & ldquo; Smile reading room & rdquo; Volunteer service project mainly includes three activities:
        First, mobilize the cadres and employees of the bureau,For left -behind children、Children of migrant workers,Children in the city's first kindergarten donate & ldquo; love book & rdquo;。To ensure the quality of the donation book,The bureau publishes an initiative to the overall cadres and employees,The content of the books donate sky bet online sports betting should be healthy and lively、Positive upward,Suitable for 3 & mdash; various popular science books read by 6 -year -old children、Historical Stories、Spelling、Fairy Tale、Comics、Books and periodicals can be available; each person donates no less than 5 books。
        The second is when & ldquo; June 1 & rdquo; As International Children's Day,Organize volunteers of the industrial and commercial department,Through & ldquo; love mother & rdquo;、& ldquo; Acting parents & rdquo;Sky bet football ,Use about an hour,Read them for them、Stories,Provide life care and affection for left -behind children,Provide academic counseling and interest for migrant workers' children。
        Third is to gradually be in volunteers and left -behind children、Create one -to -one long -term assistance between children of migrant workers。& ldquo; June 1 & rdquo; After International Children's Day,Through the network、Volunteer Weibo、Page、TV stations and radio stations such as various ways,Any Sky bet sports betting APP information recruitment information to the society,Absorb market entities such as individual private enterprises,Absorb social lovers and other volunteer service activities。Adopt donations、Donation (Subscribe to newspapers and magazines)、commissioned to buy、Donation and other forms,Books and funds needed for voluntary activities。
        It is understood,& ldquo; Smile Sky bet sports betting APP Reading House & RDQUO; Volunteer Service Project,After the establishment of the Qinyang Volunteer Association sky bet online casino of Jiaozuo City,The first organization in the city、Planned volunteer service items。At the launching ceremony,More than 80 volunteers from the industrial and commercial department face the volunteer team flag,Oathing,I learned the "Global Volunteer Declaration",Accepting associated with young children、Stories、Game and play skills、Note,Take a picture with your mobile phone,Use Weibo、QQ、WeChat and other online social methods to conduct two professional knowledge Sky bet sports betting APP training and other professional knowledge training。

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