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Release time: 2014-03-29   Source: Party Construction Network

 March,Provincial units organized various forms of various forms of learning Leifeng Volunteer Service Activities。The General Office of the Provincial Party Committee organized more than 40 comrades to the provincial party committee community and nursing homes to carry out experience & ldquo; grid length & rdquo; daily work、Clean up community small advertisements、Respect for the elderly love the elderly and other activities,sky bet online sports betting It was praised by residents and old people in the community。The Lei Feng Volunteer Service Group of the United Front Department of the Provincial Party Committee invites the cardiovascular experts of Zhengda Second Hospital to Dengzhou,Check the body for members of the Lei Feng Group for the editor,And give away electronic sphygmomanometer。Provincial Justice Department、Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly organized volunteers to go to the Provincial Agricultural Demonstration Base to carry out & ldquo; Caring Sky bet football for natural planting flowers and trees & rdquo; volunteer activities,Completed the mission of rose flower seedlings。The departments of the Provincial Department of Finance have been carried out & ldquo;、Aihu Home & RDQUO; Volunteer Tree,Viewing and condolences children's cerebral palsy children,& ldquo; Learn Lei Feng、Passing care、Enter the nursing home & rdquo; equivalent to study Leifeng activities。Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department combined with their own job,Actively penetrate Sky bet football the company、Community、Plaza,Policy publicity、Business Consultation、On -site service and other activities;、Dedication、Lei Feng's Spiritual Passing & rdquo; Theme board newspaper hand -copy report、Watch "The Days of Leaving Lei Feng" movie and other activities。Zhengzhou Railway Bureau carried out Lei Feng & ldquo; four & rdquo;、Organize a one -time learning Lei Feng volunteer service activity、Publicize a group of advanced models of Lei Feng、Create a batch of work brands to learn Lei Feng activities),Launching Sky bet sports betting APP Lei Feng in the global situation、Talk about civilization、Tree new wind boom。The Henan Investigation Corps of the National Bureau of Statistics organized volunteers to penetrate Xixian Wanshu Village,Consolation of the rural hopes of the primary school left -behind children,I sent nearly 10,000 yuan Xinhua Dictionary for 150 elementary students、Stationery、Schoolbag and other learning supplies。Volunteers of Henan Agricultural University made pictures and texts、A rich exhibition board and brochure,and sky bet online casino combined with professional advantages to carry out radio obligation repair、Nutrition meals、Flower care and other activities。Henan Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine organizes volunteers to prevent common diseases in spring in spring、Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Knowledge Breakthrough,Go to the Jixing Community to provide residents with free consultations、Physiotherapy service。The Yellow River Water Resources Protection Bureau formulates an annual plan,Publicize the dynamics of Lei Feng on the office sky bet online casino automation website; organize the volunteer service team to go to the water quality automatic monitoring station,Carry out to remove weeds in the garden、Volunteer services focusing on the roadside garbage。Provincial Civil Committee、Provincial Sports Bureau、Provincial Communications Administration、The Yellow Committee Hydrological Bureau、Henan Museum and other units are also combined with actual,Deepen Learning Lei Feng Volunteer Service Activity,Create everyone practicing the spirit of Lei Feng、Everyone participates sky bet online sports betting in the strong atmosphere of volunteer services。

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