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Release time: 2014-03-29   Source: Party Construction Network

 Xinhuanet Henan Channel March 3rd  Spring back to the earth,Vitality。On the occasion of the commemorative day of the 49th National Learning Lei Feng,Learning Lei Feng activities in various places are in full swing,& ldquo; Learn Lei Feng、Tree new wind & rdquo; moral practice for theme,To help the old help the disable、help difficulties、Volunteer services for the content of the people and the people,Has covered to the enterprise、Community、Rural、Organ、School、Military Camp,The whole society forms me as everyone、Everyone is my good atmosphere,Efforts to promote the construction of the core value system of socialism。

    Leifeng Memorial Hall has become an important base for learning to promote Lei Feng's spirit
    Lei Feng is the largest number of personal memorials since the founding of New China、The largest person。All kinds of memorial halls established in various places after the sacrifice of Lei Feng,It has become an important base and position for learning to promote the spirit of Lei Feng。
    Fushun in Liaoning,Lei Feng spent the most shiny years in his life,and sleep here。The Lei Feng Memorial Hall of Fushun is located near the residence of the army before Leifeng's life、Covering nearly 100,000 square meters,More than 400 pieces of cultural relics displayed in the museum、More than 140 photos。& ldquo; Come here,Each audience will receive a spiritual baptism。& rdquo; Chen Jiu, director of the Memorial Hall, said,Since the opening of the museum in 1964, it has received 60 million sky bet online sports betting visitors,The number of people received each year in recent years has exceeded one million,Recently, the audience is close to 10,000 people every day。
    & ldquo; Lei Feng's spirit makes me understand that it is not enough to do a person well,Also spread this spirit to more people,This will be the joy of my life。& rdquo; The audience Wang Junyan wrote in the memorial museum。
    In Hunan,It can not stop the enthusiasm of people learning Lei Feng for even heavy rain for the day.。More and more people have gathered spontaneously or organized to Hunan Leifeng Memorial Museum recently,Use different ways to commemorate and remember this ordinary and great soldier。Chen Liangwei, the curator of the Leifeng Memorial Hall of Hunan,Since February 5,Memorial Hall has received about 60,000 visitors,Especially after March,Average daily reception number of nearly 5,000 people。
    Currently in Hunan,& ldquo;、The atmosphere of promoting the new style of social civilization & rdquo;。
    Promoting the spirit of Lei Feng is always based on the actual position
    All places will learn to promote the spirit of Lei Feng with the actual combination of the post,Promote dedication,Do a line、Love One、Drilling a line,Ordinary jobs become a stage for realizing life value。
    At 18:00 on March 1,Jinan City New Year's Eve Given,Mao Mao drizzle at the beginning of the night。Rolling traffic,Traffic police wearing a reflective vest kept shuttle,Command vehicle traffic。The captain Xu Shizhong of the Yuhan Road Traffic Police Squadron Xu Shizhong has been from the police for more than 20 years,& ldquo; Learning Lei Feng must do your job well。& rdquo;,There sky bet online casino are tens of thousands of people who work silently like Xu Shizhong,Practicing Lei Feng's Spirit。At present, the public security organs of Shandong Province are carrying out & ldquo; post learning Lei Feng、Fight for the police & rdquo; Activity。
    March 1,A large -scale learning Leifeng event in the lawyer industry in Anhui Province officially kicked off,More than 5,200 professional lawyers in the province will devote themselves to & ldquo; Xue Lei Feng、Lawyers are around you & rdquo; the theme & ldquo; Xue Lei Feng Lawyer Service Month & RDQUO;,Enter school、Enterprise、Prison and difficult people's homes,Legal publicity and legal consultation、Rights protection、Assistance provides free legal services for the masses。
    Anhui Lawyer World will also be carried out & ldquo; contemporary lawyers and Lei Feng spirit & rdquo;,The connotation and social value of the era of Lei Feng's spirit in -depth,Discuss the combination of socialist legal workers with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of Lei Feng。
    Volunteer service activities extensively
    Volunteer services reflect the positive pursuit of citizens,A good image reflecting the progress of social civilization,It is a concrete manifestation of traditional Chinese virtues。Carrying out volunteer service activities has become a powerful starting point for promoting Lei Feng's spirit。
    In the past few days,Shanghai Normal University & ldquo; Volunteer School of Love School & RDQUO;。& ldquo; Love school & rdquo;,Now it has become a youth obligation teaching brand that serves the country。
    Shanghai is a city with & ldquo; Xue Lei Feng & rdquo; excellent tradition。sky bet online sports betting Especially since the 2007 World Special Olympic Games、2010 Shanghai World Expo、Since the World Swimming Championship in 2011,More than 2 million people have participated in various social public welfare services and volunteer activities,A large international activity of the World Expo only cultivated nearly 200,000 youth volunteers。In recent years,Shanghai is exploring a young volunteer road from serving large -scale competitions to service at the grassroots level,Carrying out a series of colorful learning Lei Feng activities。
    & ldquo; In the process of voluntary service,Not only is the help object benefit from material and spiritual,The youth group that implemented helping people is also the largest educated group。& rdquo; Pan Min, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Youth League,Volunteer service,It is very good for guiding youth to understand and practice the core value of socialism。
    Come on for even day,Duan organizations at all levels in Hubei Province under the unified deployment of the Youth League Provincial Party Committee,Actively carried out & ldquo; Lei Feng's spirit and the times & rdquo;,Dedication and love are full of Jingchu land,Warm thousands of households。
    The Hubei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League will take March as a centralized operation month and run through the whole year,Through & ldquo; Learn Lei Feng Million Young Action & RDQUO; & LDQUO; Lei Feng's list into campus & rdquo; & ldquo;,Hands Hand & RDQUO; Practical Experience and other series of activity carriers,Organize the majority of teenagers to carry out to help the sky bet online sports betting elderly and help the young、help difficulties、Points of the people and benefit the people、Science and Technology Medical、Diverse legal aid and other forms、Learning Lei Feng Activities with rich content,Starting Lei Feng's boom,Efforts to create a good social atmosphere,Guide the majority of teenagers to use & ldquo; about civilization、Tree fresh wind & rdquo; practical actions welcome the party's 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China。
    On the morning of February 29th,Shanxi Province's in -depth launching ceremony of Lei Feng's activities was held in Taiyuan。The principals of the Propaganda Department of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee stated that it is necessary to closely combine new experiences created in the local transformation and leapfrog development in recent years、New typical,The connotation of the era of the spirit of Lei Feng further,Make Learning Lei Feng activities full of vitality。
    Shanxi Province will also hold a symposium on promoting the spirit of Lei Feng、Carry out & ldquo; Find Lei Feng & rdquo; Activity、Carry out Leifeng Movies into the grassroots activity、Design and production promotion charts and publications and other major activities,In Learning Lei Feng's Practice Activity,Experience the true meaning of Lei Feng's spirit,Give Lei Feng's new era of connotation。
    Hunan Province & ldquo; Million college students learn Lei Feng volunteer service activities & rdquo; recently launched in various universities,The majority of students will use actual action,Inheritance to promote the spirit of Lei Feng,Participate in the hot practice of learning Lei Feng's volunteer service activities。& ldquo; Sky bet sports betting APP Learn from Comrade Lei Feng,Go to the most needed place for the motherland! & rdquo; Since the launch of Hunan this year & ldquo; college student service western plan & rdquo; Volunteer recruitment plan,Thousands of young students actively register,Go to Tibet、Xinjiang、Qinghai and other places,Invest in the socialist construction cause needed by the motherland。
    Wang Kemin, the head of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education,March to November,Hunan universities will focus on the theme education activities,In -depth promotion of campus culture construction with the spirit of Lei Feng as an important content,Summarize the advanced typical model of learning Lei Feng activities in the province,Make the event for a long time、Forming a brand。
    Promote the normalization of Learning Lei Feng activities,Create a civilized and harmonious social environment
    While setting off the boom of Lei Feng all places,Actively promote the normalization of Lei Feng's activities,Constantly leading to Learning Lei Feng's activities。
    Jiangsu Province hopes to strengthen organizational leadership、Strengthening publicity and education、Typical demonstration、Pay attention to practical development、Performance of institutional protection and other measures,Promoting the mechanism and normalization of learning Lei Feng activities,and designed 8 aspects of the normally carrier of Lei Feng,That is to organize the Lei Feng Symposium and Concentrated Action、Electively select the advanced typical example of Lei Feng in the tree、Grasp the key group learning Lei Feng activities、Extensively Sky bet online sports betting APP download carried out the practice of Lei Feng in the masses、Solidly promote volunteer service action、Strengthening the news promotion of Learning Learning Activity、Use literary form to spread the spirit of Lei Feng、Expand the service function of the Jiangsu virtue Foundation。
    Ning Dejin, Director of the Ideological and Moral Office of the Yunnan Provincial Civilization Office of Yunnan Province,Normalization of learning Lei Feng activities,Just condense people's hearts,Forming a powerful & ldquo; magnetic field & rdquo;,Create a good social atmosphere。
    Henan Province carried out in -depth learning Lei Feng activities,Strengthen the news of learning Lei Feng's activities,Promoting the formation of normal chemical Lei Feng publicity and reporting mechanism。The main news media in the province is in an important layout、Open a special column for important time,Propaganda Lei Feng's deeds、Lei Feng's spirit and Lei Feng -style advanced model,Measures to promote activities from all walks of life、Progress and response and experience in various places;,Production and broadcasting to promote the spiritual public welfare advertisement of Lei Feng,Organize online school Leifeng series activities on the main website,Use Weibo、Mobile Newspaper、Mobile phone text messages and other forms to promote the spirit of Lei Feng。
    Lei Feng is practical socialism、Models of Communist ideology and morality,Lei Feng's spirit has become the crystallization of the era of the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation。In the days when you welcomed the victory of the two sessions of the country in the country,Sky bet online sports betting APP download The convening of the symposium of the Lei Feng Activity Symposium in the National Deepening Learning Activity,It will further set off a new climax of Lei Feng's activities。(Participate in writing reporters: Xu Yang、Shuangrui、Wang Hengzhi、Xu Haitao、Yu Jian、Xu Xiaoqing、Wu Shuguang、Zhou Nan、Zhou Hongpeng、Li Jianping、handsome talent)

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