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Release time: 2014-03-29   Source: Party Construction Network

 Provincial and Central Central Committee's units、Provincial management in Zheng Enterprise and College、Civilization Office of the Zheng Office of the provinces and cities:

     To continuously deepen urban and rural co -construction activities,Promote the development of rural spiritual civilization and the development of urban and rural integration,According to the Provincial Civilization Office's "Notice on Doing a Better of the Third Round of Civilized Units in the sky bet online sports betting province" (notice to help rural spiritual civilization creation work "(Yu Civilization Office [2013] No. 4) Requirements,Combined with provincial actual actual situation,Now the third round of provincial direct civilization units to help rural spiritual civilization creation notice as follows:
     1. Assistance unit
     Provincial direct organs and national civilized units recommended by the industry,Provincial straight provincial level、City -level civilized unit。
     2. Help content
     1. Organization & ldquo; Cleaning home action & rdquo;。Carry out health Sky bet online sports betting APP download knowledge education,Establish a cleaning team,Improve the cleaning system,Perfect cleaning facilities,Organize villagers to carry out hygiene clearance,Purifying the courtyard、Wall the wall、Cleaning House, etc.,Make the village and village neat and beautiful。
     2. Organize education and training。Give full play to the advantages of the civilized unit,Combined with actual,Actively carry out policy and law、Technology culture、Moral specifications、Civilized etiquette、Health and other knowledge training,Improve the ideological, moral sky bet online sports betting quality and scientific and cultural quality of farmers,Education The vast number of peasants pursue civilized, healthy and scientific lifestyle。
     3. Provide style services。Help rural training literary backbone,Organize various cultural and sports activities with holidays,Sending books、Delivery performance、Getting on the tone equipment to the countryside。
     4. Care help。Carry out careless left -behind children、Empty Nest Elderly、Volunteer service activities that reflect humanistic care and volunteer service activities that protect sky bet online casino the ecological environment。
     3, relevant requirements
     1. Provincial civilized units at all levels of provincial levels who participated in the second round of matching should carefully summarize the completion of assistance work and experience and practices,The assistance work will be summarized and submitted to the Provincial Direct Civilization Office。
     2. The third round of pairing assistance is limited to three years (2013-2015).。Assistance focuses on the new rural community、Villages and Villages Around Village and Scenic Spot along the Transportation Line。Civilized units at all Sky bet football levels should according to time requirements,On the basis of finding the basic situation of helping the village,Determine the task of assistance,Establish a help work plan,Clear person responsible for assistance,and sign the responsibility letter of assistance work with the Provincial Civilization Office。
     3. By pairing assistance will continue to be included in the annual review and daily management of civilized units。Negative attitude towards the assisted assistance work、Civilized units that failed to complete the task of assisting work as required,Annual review sky bet online casino should be deducted as appropriate。Do not participate in pairing assistance activities、Civilized units that do not implement pairing assistance work tasks,The title of its civilized unit must be canceled。
     4. Civilized units at all levels should attach great importance to assistance work,Give full play to your own advantages,Actively do a good job of assistance,and timely report to the work progress of the work of the Provincial Civilization Office,Summary of work for half a year,Summary of the full -year work at the end of the year。
Attachment: The third round of the provincial Sky bet sports betting APP civilized unit to help rural spiritual civilization creation work pilot village list

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