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Release time: 2014-03-29   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

 Provincial and Central Committee's party committee party committee,Provincial management in Zheng Enterprise and College、Civilization Office of the Zheng Office of the provinces and cities:

This year is the 50th anniversary of the inscription of Comrade Lei Feng, such as Mao Zedong and other older generation of proletarian revolutionaries。In order to implement the spirit of the Central and Provincial Party Committee on the in -depth development of Lei Feng Volunteer Service Activities,Promote the normalization of Learning Lei Feng Volunteer Service,Provincial Civilization Committee、The Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Commission for Work decided to determine March as a centralized activity of the provincial Lei Feng volunteer service concentration activity,The relevant activity content is notified as follows:
1. Overall requirements
The Sky bet sports betting APP main line is based on learning to promote the implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Construction of the core value system of socialist core,Efforts to popularize the concept of volunteer service,Efforts to strengthen the volunteer team,Focus on promoting the institutionalization of voluntary service,Around & ldquo; Learn Lei Feng to see action、& lsquo; Sanping & rsquo;,Carefully design and carry out various forms of various forms of learning Leifeng Volunteer Service Activities,Create me as everyone、Everyone is my social style,To build the Central Plains Economic Zone、Realize the rise of the Central Plains、Henan revitalization provides strong spiritual power。
2. Event arrangement
1. widely publicize Lei Feng's deeds、Lei Feng spirit。Vigorously publicize the lofty ideals of Comrade Lei Feng through various forms、firm belief、Dedication Spirit、professionalism、Innovation spirit and entrepreneurial spirit,Organized cadres and employees through visit to admire、Exhibition Exhibition、sky bet online casino Essay speech、Symposium report and other forms,Reading Leifeng Diary、Tell the story of Lei Feng、Singing Lei Feng song、Watch Leifeng Film and Television and other activities,Further understand the touching deeds of Lei Feng、Growth experience,Deeply grasp the connotation of the era of Lei Feng。
2. Deepen & ldquo; Three Care & RDQUO; Volunteer Service Activities。Caring for others、Caring Society、Caring is naturally the focus of volunteer service activities this year,To actively cultivate volunteer service culture,Actual construction close to the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone、Close to people's production and life requirements,Focus on organizing good care of the old and young and disabled and protecting the mountains and rivers volunteer service activities,Create & ldquo; three care & rdquo; Volunteer service activity brand,Form Learning Lei Feng、Dedication of others、Improve your strong atmosphere。
3. Innovative Lei Feng Volunteer Service Activity Version Form。Party and government organs、The window unit must be based sky bet online sports betting on its own actual,Carry out job Learning Lei Feng,Mobilize party members and cadres to play a model leading role,With the spirit of Lei Feng as a mirror,Demonstrate as a socialist morality,Promote the formation of a good social fashion with excellent party style。Enterprises must combine the actual production and operation,Extensive development of & ldquo; job learning Lei Feng、Fight for employees & rdquo; Activity,By guiding cadres and employees to participate widely,Make it educated in practical activities、Get improved。
4. Vigorously publicize Leifeng models。Establish a propaganda and launch of a number of advanced models for Lei Feng volunteer service activities,Let people learn to have examples、Cove the target。Organize the provincial top ten straight moral model selection, commendation and learning publicity activities,Give full play to the leading role of advanced typical demonstration,Vigorously promote social morality、Professional ethics、Family virtue、Personal moral construction。On March 5、International Volunteer Sky bet online sports betting APP download Day、Traditional holiday period,Carry out the model of helping to help life and advanced typical activities,Create Caring Model、Inspired advanced、The strong atmosphere of advocating the fresh wind of the tree。
5. Strengthen the promotion of Learning Lei Feng's activities。News media should be in an important layout、Open a special column for important periods,Vigorously promote Lei Feng's deeds、Lei Feng's spirit and Lei Feng -style advanced model,Publicize the measures of the society from all walks of life, especially the provincial agencies to carry out Lei Feng volunteer service activities、Progress and response。All units must make full use of the unit website、Publicity column、Weibo、Mobile Newspaper and other media,Establishing Learning Propaganda Lei Feng Propaganda Board,Play Learning Lei Feng、Talk about civilization、Tree Xinfeng Public Welfare Advertising,Let Lei Feng deed、Lei Feng's spirit deeply rooted in people's hearts。
3, Organization Leaders
1. Improve ideological understanding。All units should use Lei Feng volunteer Sky bet online sports betting APP download service activities as an important content to promote the construction of the core value system of socialism,As an important carrier for cultivating the core values ​​of socialism,An important form of a civic moral construction project,Integrated into the regular work of spiritual civilization,Carefully set the carrier、Coordinated planning deployment、Organize the implementation of carefully。To establish a long -term mechanism、Practice of innovation channels,Strengthen the construction of volunteer service teams and positions,Improve and perfect the volunteer service system and mechanism,Make learning Lei Feng activities more sense of time、Attraction,Continuous development towards depth and breadth。
2. Strengthen organizational coordination。The party committee of all units、Civilization Office must play the main role,Organization of active activities、Coordination,Mobilize various departments to actively cooperate、Wide participation of cadres and employees。It is necessary to combine Lei Feng's volunteer service activities with business sky bet online casino work,Construction with learning party organizations、Combination of ideological style construction of the organs,Cultural construction with the government、Talking about the new wind of civilization and trees to combine,Realizing Learning Lei Feng Volunteer Service Activities and other tasks interact with other work、Coordinated Promotion。
3. Seeking effectiveness。To highlight the practicality of learning Lei Feng activities,Practice of basic moral norms,Grasp the development of basic moral behavior,Promoting the formation of me as everyone、Everyone is my good atmosphere。Persist in facing the grassroots、For the masses,Use more ways to use the masses to hear,Build more carrier platforms for the masses for easy participation,Open more channels for the masses to accept,Guide cadres and workers in their posts to school Lei Feng,Do good things in daily life,Inheritance in ordinary life、Promotion、Practice Lei Feng's Spirit。
Please submit the activity to the provincial direct civilization office,Email szjswmjb@126.com。
Henan sky bet online casino Provincial Provincial Provincial Organ's Personal Civilization Construction Guidance Committee
The Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China
                                   March 4, 2013

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