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Release time: 2014-03-29   Source: Party Construction Network

Newspaper on the morning of March 6,Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region、Minister of the Propaganda Department Cai Guoying presided over a meeting of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region,Seriously convey and learn from the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee、Li Changchun, director of the Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Guidance Committee, at the important speech of the Lei Feng Activity Symposium,and put forward specific requirements Sky bet football for the implementation of the promotion of Lei Feng's activities。

Meeting to point out,The Symposium on the Learning Event of Learning Lei Feng in the country is the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Party in the whole party、A very important meeting held in the context of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,。Deepen Learning Lei Feng Activity,It is the urgent need to adhere to the direction of the advanced socialist culture under the conditions of various ideological and culture.,conforms to the people's strong call for strengthening socialist ideological and moral construction,Is the requirements Sky bet online sports betting APP download of the times、People’s wish,For the mobilization and inspiring the masses of cadres and the masses with a high spiritual style,Actively participate in the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics,It has very important significance。Especially the important speech by Comrade Li Changchun,From the construction of a socialist core value system、Consolidate the common ideological and moral foundation of the people of all ethnic groups in the country,Promote the traditional Chinese virtue and socialist morality、Glowing people's moral construction enthusiasm,Promoting the construction of socialist spiritual civilization、Improve the Sky bet football degree of social civilization,Maintain the party's advanced nature and purity、Practice the height of serving the people wholeheartedly,Deeply explained the importance and necessity of in -depth development of Lei Feng activities,Point out the core task of grasping the in -depth development of Lei Feng activities,Scientific analysis under new historical conditions,The connotation of the times that constantly gives Lei Feng's spirit,It clearly puts forward the overall requirements and key tasks of in -depth development of Lei Feng activities,and put forward specific requirements and ardent hope on how to conduct in -depth learning Lei Feng activities。
Conference emphasized,The important Sky bet football speech of Comrade Li Changchun is profound、Rich connotation、Requirements are clear,Has strong ideology、targeted、Guidance,It is the programmatic document that is currently doing a good job of learning Lei Feng,Direction for us to further promote learning Lei Feng's activity。
Meeting requirements,In -depth learning Lei Feng activities in the district,To highlight the following three aspects: First, create a good atmosphere。By in newspaper、TV、Radio、Special Edition of the Learning Event of Lei Feng on the website、Column, etc.,Carry out the promotion of Lei Feng activities with the characteristics of the times,Expand the sky bet online sports betting coverage and influence of the activity,Continuously expand the influence of learning Lei Feng's activities,Forms a healthy and up -ups of powerful public opinion atmosphere。Second, highlight the innovative activity carrier。To fully integrate social forces,Give play to work、Green、Women、Teaching and other departments、The positive role of the industry,Following key groups such as adolescents,Diverse design forms、Various activity carriers,Performable enhancement of activities、effectiveness,Further deepen the creation of mass spiritual civilization。Third, we must highlight the combination of activities。Sky bet football It is necessary to closely combine learning Lei Feng activities with the construction of harmonious and wealthy New Ningxia,Combined with Chuangxian Fighting Excellent Activities、Combined with deepening voluntary service activities,and various industries、Relevant activities of various departments,In particular, the publicity cultural system must learn Lei Feng's activities and "take the grassroots、Effective type、Combination of changes "activities,Construction "Learning Type、Effective type、Harmonious "organ and other activities combined with activities,Efforts to practice Lei Feng's spirit,Really reflect the spirit of Lei Feng on practical action。

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