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Release time: 2016-07-15   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

"Volunteer sky bet online sports betting Henan Information Platform" (http://zyhn.dahe.cn/),officially opened on March 5, 2015。This platform is a comprehensive management and service platform hosted by the Sky bet online sports betting APP download Henan Civilization Office。The main content includes volunteer service activities、Volunteer Service Culture、Training Management、Volunteer style display、Registration、Basic information management and other 12 information columns,Platform preliminary links on the registration system of various provinces and cities,Volunteers can realize electronic registration。Volunteer Henan Information Platform opens,Real -time release and management of volunteer service information of the province will be realized,Create the province's volunteer service "one net",Further promote the institutionalization of volunteer services in the province、standardization、Informatization。

Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee、Propaganda Minister Zhao Suping opened a message to the volunteer sky bet online sports betting Henan Information Platform。Minister Zhao Suping said as follows: "When learning Lei Fengri is about to come,Our province's volunteer Henan information platform will be launched,This is a good thing for the construction of voluntary service informatization。Modern society is a all -media era,Volunteer service with the help of online platform,Can better display Sky bet online sports betting APP download volunteer style,Tell Volunteer Story,Communication Volunteer Culture,Communication volunteer experience,Play a greater role in the construction of civilized Henan。Wish Volunteer Henan Information Platform grow up、Development。I wish the majority of volunteers and friends in serving the masses、Dedicated Self -Value,Feel more happiness and happiness。”

Deputy Governor of the Provincial Sky bet online sports betting APP download Government、Deputy Director of the Provincial Civilization Commission Zhang Guangzhi, online, click to open,Speak encouraging the majority of volunteers。Vice Governor Zhang Guangzhi pointed out,Volunteer service as a glorious cause,It has been widely developed in the whole society。In -depth development of this activity,Construction of a harmonious society、It has greatly promoted and helped the construction Sky bet online sports betting APP download of civilized Henan。Time needs the spirit of Lei Feng,Social needs volunteer service。As the saying goes,Give away Rose,Leave the incense of the hand。Volunteers are happy while helping others。Congratulations to Volunteer sky bet online sports betting Henan Information Platform for opening,Expresses lofty respect to the majority of volunteers,I hope the volunteer service will make our society full of love、full of tenderness、Sky bet sports betting APP full of harmony、Full of happiness。

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