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Release time: 2016-07-15   Source: Party Construction Network, the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

To carry out in -depth development of the party's mass line education practice activities,Further advocates helping the Sky bet online sports betting APP download disabled and social fashion,Create a social environment of unity and friendship, June 5th,Guancheng District Chengbei Road Community "Civilized Messenger" Volunteer Service Station and the "Civilized Food and Drug Administration Volunteer Service Team" (full name: Volunteer Service Team of the Food and Drug Administration of Henan Province),Jointly visited and condolences sky bet online casino from 12 disabled people in the jurisdiction。

Before the visit, the Volunteer Service Team and the "Civilized Messenger" in the Volunteer Service Station of the Community "Civilized Messenger" conducted a discussion,Further understanding the needs of the people and residents that the community needs most attention,And initially formulated the "2014 City Bei Road Sky bet sports betting APP Community" Civilized Messenger "Volunteer Service Station and" Civilized Food and Drug Administration Volunteer Service Team "Volunteer Service Plan (modified draft),Both parties use the community's "Civilized Messenger" Volunteer Service Station Platform,Visit、Consolation and other forms,Delivery to the community to understand sky bet online sports betting the actual situation,Gradually improve the volunteer service plan,Continuously enhance the influence of the "Civilized Messenger" volunteer service standing in the residents of the community,and the volunteer service boom brought by the resource sharing of the volunteer service team。

During the visit,The "Civilized Messenger" Sky bet football in the community explains the lives and physical conditions of the disabled for the volunteers of the volunteer service team,Through a cordial conversation and in -depth understanding of the residue,Let the volunteer service team move more intuitive,greatly improved the motivation of long -term cooperation between the two parties and the willingness to sky bet online casino strengthen cooperation、Target。During the activity, I also gave me rice for these disabled people、Noodles、Oil and other condolences and encourage them to be full of confidence in life,Volunteers' loving smiles make them experience warmth。

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