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Release time: 2016-07-15   Source: Internal Network of Party Construction of the Organization

Everyone comes to the scene of the tree planting Sky bet football early,According to the staff's command,First dig the tree pit as required,Plant tree cultivation in order、Water lifting water,Sealing soil shooting,Plant a tree seedlings,sky bet online sports betting Sample is in place。Protect the environment with your own actual actions,Add a touch of new green to Zhengzhou City,With your own hands to create a harmonious ecological environment between people and nature, a force。

After the event is over,Although everyone’s clothes and shoes are dirty everywhere,But everyone feels very comfortable,One after another,Being able to Sky bet sports betting APP build a beautiful Zhengzhou for the construction of a beautiful Zhengzhou through your own labor,Add bricks to improve the environment,Spring Hope for the Earth,This dedication makes us feel Sky bet football extra pride。Through this tree planting activity,Further enhanced the consciousness of the cadres and masses of the public and masses of the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Sky bet sports betting APP Party Committee,A sense of responsibility for protecting ecological balance and greening home。

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